On Thursday 18th January, Mark and Harveen from the Anna Fiorentini Film and Theatre School came to lead a workshop exploring the issues surrounding bullying. Using Performing Arts, students developed a deeper understanding of what bullying is and what they should do if they are bullied, bullies or witnesses to it happening.

The workshop was delivered to the whole year 7 cohort and both Mark and Harveen commented on the student’s willingness to get involved, perform and share ideas and opinions with the rest of their peers.

After the workshop, I asked some students what they had learned and enjoyed. Here is a selection of what they said;

“It was really fun and funny because of all the activities that we did. I learned to stand up to Bullies because really they are cowards”

“I liked it when Mark showed us his favourite dance move, the teachers were really kind”

“The whole workshop was really upbeat and unique”

Well done year 7, I was really impressed with your behaviour and attitude to this work!

Miss Cusack