Personalised learning pathways

Teaching Methods

Wapping High aims to know every student as an individual, where their interests lie and what motivates them. This is key to their success and happiness, and to the success of the school.

The realisation of personalised learning is fundamental to the ethos of Wapping High School, and provides support and challenge using the following means:

  • Each student develops a personalised curriculum, based on elements of both the core curriculum and the enrichment programme.
  • Additional provision is available to support students with exceptional needs.
  • Students are guided along learning trails by their Academic Tutor.
  • Each student is expected to make informed decisions about their education that maximise their chances of enjoyment and success


  • Parents and carers are treated as partners in their child’s learning.
  • Curriculum planning is collaborative across all staff involved with each year group. Staff are encouraged to reflect on their practice and share successful strategies and methods.

Provision for students at extremes of ability

Use of a personalised learning methodology has been specifically chosen for its ability to cater for children with very different learning needs.

Teachers diversify their lesson plans to provide challenging and stimulating activities that stretch students at all levels.

Students with additional learning needs are supported through their house groups and SEND provision.

Students with exceptional abilities and talents have access to planned deeper learning trails that will support them to explore higher learning and stretch and extend those abilities and talents.