Wapping High School is run by The Wapping and Shadwell Secondary Education Trust (WSSET), a not for profit organisation run by parents, local residents and business leaders who are determined to improve the choice of education provision for local children. The role of the Trust’s Governing Body is to provide strategic management, and to act as a “critical friend”, supporting the work of the headteacher and other staff.

The Governing Body and its committees meet once every half term. Working parties typically meet once per term. All Governors are members of the Full Governing Body. In addition Governors are members of at least one of the two sub-committees and working parties, the terms of reference for which are reviewed annually. All committees report to the Full Governing Body.

Self-evaluation – The full Governing Body meets annually in the autumn term to self-evaluate their performance using guidance provided by the National Governors Association, the Department for Education and Ofsted. The outcomes from the self-evaluation inform the objectives set for governance in the School Development plan.

Thinking of becoming a school Governor?

The history of the Wapping and Shadwell Secondary Education Trust (WSSET)

The Wapping and Shadwell Secondary Education Trust (WSSET) is a not for profit organisation run by parents and local residents who are determined to improve the choice of education provision for local children.

The Trust was originally set up by a group of parents with the specific intention of campaigning for a new school for Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse. The group has been actively campaigning since 2009 and founded the Trust in October 2010.

The campaign for Wapping High School was supported by more than 500 families representing over 700 children. We were also supported by Jim Fitzpatrick MP, London Assembly Member John Biggs and Dame Helen Mirren.

In October 2010, the Department for Education (DfE) approved our application to open a Free School. The Trust worked closely with the DfE to get the school ready for opening in September 2012. Following the successful opening of the school, the Trust continues to run the charity that oversees the school.

Statutory Consultation

Consultation over the plans to open Wapping High School started in 2009. A period of statutory consultation took place from 26 March 2012 to 4 May 2012. The results of the Statutory Consultation reflect the community and responses to the consultation survey demonstrated that there was considerable support for the creation of Wapping High School. 


Full consultation report with analysis and conclusions 

Consultation guidance document

Declarations of Interest

Financial accountability

The Headteacher is the designated Accounting Officer of the academy and has overall responsibility for the day to day financial management of the Charitable Company. The Headteacher has delegated responsibility for low values of expenditure to specific budget holders who are each responsible for managing their own departments within the constraints of their allocated budgets. A system of financial controls is in place to manage this process, the robustness of which is reviewed by independent Internal Auditors.

The school’s financial accounts are independently audited on an annual basis by Price Bailey. Internal auditing of the school’s financial systems and procedures is conducted throughout the year by Price Bailey.

Governors are required to disclose any relevant business and pecuniary interests at the start of each meeting. With the exception of the Headteacher and staff governor who are both receive a salary from the school. None of the governors currently have any relevant business or pecuniary interests.

Higher Paid Staff

The number of employees whose employee benefits (excluding employer pension costs) exceeded £100,000 was:



In the band (£100,000 – £110,000)


Contacting the governing body

We love hearing from students, parents and the wider community.

If you wish to contact the governing body or have any governance related queries you can email 

The chair of governors is Kerstyn Comley and can be contacted directly via If you have any complaints please refer to the school’s complaints policy. It may be more appropriate to contact your child’s tutor, head of house or the Headteacher in the first instance.


2020 - 2021
Meeting dates for 2020/21 
17/09/2020 Thursday 04:45 Safeguarding / FGB meeting
12/11/2020 Thursday 06:00 Governor Self assessment
10/12/2020 Thursday 06:00 FGB (AGM)
18/03/2021 Thursday 06:00 FGB
08/07/2021 Thursday 06:00 FGB
06/10/2020 Tuesday 04:00 Learning committee
25/02/2021 Thursday 04:00 Learning committee
06/05/2021 Thursday 04:00 Learning committee
05/11/2020 Thursday 06:00 Resource Committee
11/03/2021 Thursday 06:00 Resource Committee
24/06/2021 Thursday 06:00 Resource Committee
Wapping High committee meetings attendance record 2019/2020
Name Date of appointment/ resignation Role Meetings Attended Out of a possible
Jon Cheyne 19/10/2010 Governor 4 4
Kersytn Comley 19/10/2010 Chair of Governors 4 4
Jeevan Dhoot 01/09/2018 Governor 3 4
Jake Kemp 19/10/2010 Governor 4 4
Gary Nelson 03/07/2017 Headteacher 3 3
Joanne Aristide 01/03/2019 Governor 4 4
James Grant 01/09/2018 – 12/10/2020 Governor 4 4
Julie Varley 01/09/2019 Governor 4 4
Tiffany Ingram 22/11/2018 Governor 3 3
Marie McMahon 01/03/2019 Governor 4 4
Meera Shah 01/09/2018 Governor 4 4
Laura Mills 01/09/2015 Governor 3 4
Resources Committee
Jon Cheyne 19/10/2010 Chair 2 3
Kersytn Comley 19/10/2010 Governor 3 3
Jeevan Dhoot 01/09/2018 Governor 3 3
Jake Kemp 19/10/2010 Governor 2 3
Gary Nelson 03/07/2017 Governor 3 3
Joanne Aristide 01/03/2019 Governor 2 3
Learning Committee
Joanne Aristide Governor 1 1
Kersytn Comley Governor 3 3
Jake Kemp 19/10/2010 Governor 3 3
Gary Nelson 03/07/2017 Governor 3 3
James Grant 01/09/2018 – 12/10/2020 Governor 3 3
Julie Varley 01/09/2019 Governor 3 3
Tiffany Ingram 22/11/2018 Governor 3 3
Marie McMahon 01/03/2019 Governor 3 3
Meera Shah 01/09/2018 Chair 3 3
Laura Mills 01/09/2015 Governor 2 3

Become a governor

Current Vacancies

We are looking for two new governors to support our governing body. In particular we are interested to receive expressions of interest from anyone with legal expertise, knowledge of SEND or a strong understanding of the needs of our local community.

If you have an interest in, and commitment to, improving education and would like to make a difference within your community, please register your interest in becoming a governor by contacting us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch If you have any questions about a governor’s role or responsibilities.

What skills, experience and commitment are required?

Governors attend twelve meetings a year and are asked to support and enrich the school in a range of other ways including:

  • Undertaking school visits, at least once a term, outside meetings.
  • Taking on a ‘link’ governor role, liaising with other governors in the locality on areas such as finance, data, special educational needs and literacy.
  • Sitting on panels related to the school.
  • Participating in governor training and development.

We are looking for local people who would be committed to supporting Wapping High School’s goals. You need time, enthusiasm and a passion for helping our students reach their full potential.  A full programme of induction, training and support is provided and expenses are covered.

Method of recruitment and appointment or election of Governors

The Members of the Trust are responsible for the appointment of Governors including staff governors, except three co-opted Governors and two parent Governors. In the event that these positions are not filled, the members of the Trust are able to appoint to these positions. Except for the Headteacher, Governors are subject to retirement after 4 years of service but are eligible for re-appointment or re-election at the meeting at which they retire.  

Induction and training of Governors

All Governors are given the opportunity to attend training sessions. Each year all members of the Governing body are offered updates on relevant issues and changes in legislation etc. The topics covered are regularly reviewed to ensure that Governors are kept up to date as far as possible. All Governors are provided with access to policies, procedures, minutes, accounts, budgets, plans and other documents that they will need to undertake their role as Governors. On appointment, governors receive information relating to the Trust and the responsibilities of Governors. An annual skills audit is undertaken to ensure that Governors experience and expertise is taken into account and used to best effect. Governors regularly have the opportunity to meet staff and pupils and visits to the School to improve their understanding and to offer guidance and support.

Please click on the link for an application form to become a governor or to nominate someone.

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Governance documents

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Annual Statement of Accounts Ending 31 Aug 2020

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