A huge congratulations to our GCSE food students who sat their 3 hour practical exam this week. The practical exam takes much research, preparation and planning to execute well, as well as keeping their composure on the day. As you can see from the photos friends and teachers were keen to sample the amazing dishes made and offer critique on their incredible work. This will provide essential feedback necessary to complete their evaluation and submit their completed coursework by their deadline, Friday 14th of February.
Myself and the students would also like to thank those teachers who dropped by to offer encouragement, LSA’s Ms Akter and Mr Mbele for their support on Tuesday, as well as our technician Mr Clovis for his help across the three days.
My thanks to all parents and guardians for their support outside of the classroom and providing ingredients where possible.
My thanks again go to Year 11 GCSE Food for your hard work and congratulations on your success this week!