G.C.S.E Success

We are so very proud of our year 11 learners for overcoming all of the obstacles that they faced in the build up to the end of year 11 GCSE assessment window.  Our students were true role-models for our school community, demonstrating relentless grit, determination and resilience throughout the pandemic, never losing sight of the end goal and always living our year 11 motto by ‘taking control of their learning’.
We are delighted that once again, students at Wapping High School were able to achieve excellent results across the curriculum. 75% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and Maths, with a staggering 26% achieving a 7, 8 or 9 in both subjects.  We are pleased to report that the trend of students achieving the very top grade continues.  In 2021, 26% of students achieved a grade 9 in one or more subjects.  Other highlights include 58% of students achieving a grade 7 or higher in Languages, 33% of students achieving three grade 7’s or higher in Triple Science and 69% of students achieving a grade 5 or higher in Geography. 
All students have gone on to further educational or vocational training.  We wish all our outgoing year 11 students the very best of luck for their exciting futures ahead!

Congratulations to our amazing students who have performed incredibly well in the recent GCSE exams… Well done to everyone!’ – Gary Nelson, Headteacher.

Chair of Governors Kerstyn Comley commented, ‘These great results cap another positive year for Wapping High School and launch our students towards the best possible future.’

A parent also commented ‘Thank you to the teachers and the school for all that you have done.  It is the partnership that really makes it work.’

All Year 11 students leaving the school this year are going onto further educational and vocational training. We wish all students the very best of luck for their future. We look forward to receiving 2022 results and hope that they are just as fantastic as this year if not better!