Attitudes to Learning

The Wapping High School code of conduct is deliberately simple and clearly describes how mutual respect and personal responsibility are to be demonstrated by the whole school community, its immediate environment and facilities, and the school’s neighbours and partners. The code of conduct, ensuring a positive approach to bullying, racism, sexism and interpersonal behaviour, will underpin the culture of the school and ensure that resolution and improvement are a personal focus for every student.

We intend to support our students to become socially responsible, polite and caring young adults, who value the lives of others and the environment in which they live.

Positive attitudes are paramount to this aim. At Wapping High School positive attitudes will be rewarded on an equal footing to academic achievement.

Our school is innovative and exciting with a curriculum that is student centred and tailored to individual needs and where all students will make outstanding progress.
Our students have a clear sense of responsibility, belonging and social awareness. From this their attitudes to learning are positive and aspirational.
Our staff are excellent teachers, caring mentors and critical friends, expecting the best from everyone and supporting them to achieve it.
Our school is safe, healthy and happy and prepares every student for a successful life in the 21st century.
The school does not tolerate negative or disruptive behaviour either within and outside the learning environment. Mentoring, intervention and restorative resolution are the main approaches towards continuous improvement of attitudes.

Engagement & Attendance

Engagement with learning at a deep level is an essential part of outstanding learning and achievement. The combination of an excellent curriculum, outstanding teaching and positive attitudes for learning are the cornerstones of Wapping High School’s ethos and our students’ success. Excellent attendance is necessary to safeguard these outcomes and is insisted upon at all times.

Further Support

Emotional and health issues are carefully resolved with tailored packages of support for individuals and further social education should be provided as required. All staff are trained to promote good behaviour and seek to reward positive achievements. Positive contributions to the school community, whether they be by staff or students are featured in assemblies, on displays and screens, newsletters and on the website.

As a community-focused school we endeavour not to exclude students. Every student should have a strong sense of belonging.

Our staff will provide very clear guidance for our students and their families. Interventions for inadequate behaviours are put into action promptly and consistently.

The success of our personalised learning ethos is dependent on the quality of the relationships between all members of the school community. There is an ongoing focus on developing strong relationships between students, parents and staff, which are based on respect and mutual aspiration. Good working relationships are promoted and success rewarded.

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